On the agenda: Week 1 of the charter hearings

A glimpse of what conspicuous religious symbols the Quebec government suggests are acceptable and unacceptable. Global News

MONTREAL – Public hearings on legislation aimed at cracking down on state employees who wear religious symbols started at the National Assembly in Quebec City on Tuesday.

Bill 60 would force public-sector employees to take off their headscarves, kippas, turbans and larger-than-average crucifixes if they want to keep their jobs.

Individuals and groups have presented briefs and will be given an opportunity to express their positions on the subject.

Here’s a look at who is expected to present during the first week:

Tuesday, January 14

9:30    Preliminary remarks
9:45    Rejean Parent – Former ead of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec
10:45  Sam Haroun – Author and teacher
11:45  Samuel Samson – Founder of the Mouvement Francméricain

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2:00  Société d’histoire de Charlevoix – Historical society
3:00  Organisme de communication pour l’ouverture et le rapprochement interculturel – Quebec company
4:00  Sylvie Bergeron
5:00  René Tinawi

Wednesday, January 15

9:30   Martin Laperrière
10:30 Fernand Morin
11:30  Michelle Blanc

2:00  Michel Seymour
3:00  Coalition laïcité Québec
4:00  Andréa Richard
5:00  Ligue d’Action nationale

Thursday, January 16

9:30    Yves Gauthier
10:30  Association des Townshippers
11:30   Michel Gauthier

2:00   Pour les droits des femmes du Québec
3:00   Alain Rioux
4:00  Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale
5:00  Claude Pineault

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