Calgary Marathon milestone: Wendy Downes to run 50th marathon

Click to play video: 'Milestone marvel: runner celebrates 50th marathon in Calgary'
Milestone marvel: runner celebrates 50th marathon in Calgary
WATCH: Wendy Downes ran her first marathon after joining a Calgary run club in 1995. As Joelle Tomlinson reports, the Calgary Marathon will mark her 50th full marathon in 30 years – May 23, 2024

Wendy Downes is set to achieve an incredible milestone this weekend as she lines up for her 50th marathon at the 60th anniversary of the Calgary Marathon. At 62 years old, Wendy is a familiar and cherished figure on Calgary’s pathways.

Wendy’s journey began with her first marathon in Honolulu in 1995. “First marathon, 1995…and 95 degrees hot!” This race sparked a lifelong passion for running, fueled by the indescribable feeling of crossing the finish line.

Throughout the years, Wendy’s dedication has taken her around the world, with some of her favourites marathons in London and San Francisco. Known for her indomitable spirit, she even adds a signature cartwheel during many of her runs.

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Wendy’s 50th marathon is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the love and community she has built over three decades of running.

“I have the best support,” she said, when asked about what she is most looking forward to at the Calgary Marathon. “My people will be there.”

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Wendy Downes and Tagyn Carsolio became friends through running in 1997. They run together 3-4 times a week. Global News

Longtime friend and fellow runner Tagyn Carsolio praises Wendy’s strength and determination. “I don’t know anyone else who has ran 50 marathons. It’s such an elite group that can do this. Wendy is proving just how strong and tough she is. She just won’t quit.”

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