Scott Moe calls harassment allegations against Jeremy Harrison ‘unequivocally false’

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says allegations his government house leader brought a hunting rifle into the legislature and wanted to carry a handgun are false. Moe speaks during a press conference in Regina, Wednesday, March 20, 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Heywood Yu. GAC

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is calling allegations that MLA Jeremy Harrison made threats against the provincial legislature’s Speaker “unequivocally false,” following a meeting with Harrison.

At a cabinet reshuffle event Friday, Moe addressed the comments made by Speaker Randy Weekes, in which he accused Harrison of making both physical and verbal threats.

“I did follow up a little bit with the member that many of the accusations were directed at and I’ve been informed that they are all unequivocally false, unequivocally false,” Moe said.

“The method in which this has all come to a front is just as shocking for me as anyone else and I just don’t have an explanation,” Moe said.

“I don’t discount that maybe the Speaker has some concerns. I just don’t understand how it has not been concerns that have been discussed either with sergeant-at-arms, legislative security, myself, (or) caucus chairs,” Moe added.

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In his allegations, Weekes said Harrison, the government’s House Leader, would brag he could sway the Speaker on any ruling and would send harassing text messages.

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“My removal as Speaker was discussed on a regular basis in the government caucus,” Weekes said.

He also accused Harrison of showing signs of inappropriate behaviour from the time he was elected.

“But what is more disturbing is his obsession with guns and his use of intimidation both verbally and physically,” Weekes said.

Weekes claimed Harrison at one point brought a hunting rifle to the legislative building and owns other firearms.

“His desire to get permission to carry a handgun in the legislative assembly is particularly disturbing,” Weekes said.

When asked about the allegations that Harrison wanted to bring a handgun into the legislature, Moe said he didn’t understand why Harrison would want to.

“I don’t see a reason for it, I don’t see the reason why someone would want to bring a firearm into the building,” Moe said, adding there are guns already inside the legislative building for security purposes.

“The security personnel carry firearms and sergeant-at-arms has at times carried a firearm as well, so there is ample security in the building.”

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In an interview with Global News, Weekes responded to Moe’s comment asking why the issue had not been discussed with him, saying the premier can be hard to get a hold of.

“He is a difficult man to reach, let’s put it that way,” Weekes said. “He’s (Moe) certainly knowledgeable about the harassment, he’s sitting there listening to it and watching it and hearing what’s said in caucus.”

Moe responded to Weekes’ statement about his availability with “he has my phone number.”

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