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The top 10 Rob Ford videos of 2013


ABOVE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shows off his dance moves during a music event at City Council (Dec. 17) 

TORONTO – 2013 has certainly been a memorable year for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – for all the wrong reasons.

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Whether he was admitting crack cocaine use (after repeatedly denying crack cocaine use), bowling over a Toronto city councillor, ranting that he was going to commit “first degree murder,” making apology after apology after apology for his series of missteps (see above), or simply complimenting his wife’s cooking skills – it was far from a boring year for Canada’s most infamous municipal politician.

We take a look back at the ten most memorable Rob Ford moments of 2013.

10) Ford denies smoking crack cocaine

When stories of an alleged “crack tape” featuring the mayor surfaced back in May, Ford initially denied the entire thing, claiming he did not use crack cocaine and that he couldn’t comment on a video “that does not exist.”

9) Fordtacular Spectacular

Rob Ford’s year in the headlines gave endless fodder to late night comedians – but also to a Toronto-based stop-motion animation company. Titled Fordtacular Spectacular, this short feature offered a very unique take on Toronto’s very animated mayor.

8) Ford apologizes for allegations of pedophilia 

The much-publicized dispute between Ford and Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale over an incident in 2012 where Ford alleged Dale was peering over Ford’s fence (dubbed “FenceGate” on social media) took another serious turn recently, when Ford implied in an interview with Conrad Black that Dale was a pedophile and was attempting to photograph Ford’s children. Ford has since apologized for his implication, and while Ford may not have used “the word” to describe Dale’s behaviour, Dale himself has a word for Ford’s attack on his reputation: libel.

7) Ford asks reporters to get off his driveway

Being mayor of Canada’s largest city requires a large degree of interaction with the press. In Ford’s opinion, that interaction crossed the line when he found reporters camped out on his front driveway in October. In terms that were less than diplomatic, Ford asked the assembled media to see themselves off of his property.

6) Ford swears in front of kids

Despite his professed hatred of the press, Ford seemingly had no problem appearing on American media outlets during the height of his scandal. In this interview with CNN, Ford is showing off his populist side – right before letting questionable language slip in front of some Toronto residents, including children.

5) Ford mocks city councillor with drinking and driving pantomime

As Toronto City Council debated whether to strip Ford of some of his powers this past fall, the mayor took issue with what he felt was the overly-judgmental attitudes of some of his colleagues on council. Ford mocked Councillor Paul Ainslie (who admitted he failed a roadside sobriety test this past May) with what can only be referred to as a drunk driving pantomime on the floor of city council.

4) Ford makes death threats in wild rant

While the world waits for Ford’s alleged “crack video” to surface, another cell phone video of Ford which surfaced this past November was almost as shocking. In the video, an irate Ford rants about an unknown party, saying he will “rip his f—ing throat out,” and “I’m gonna kill that f—ing guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder.”

3) Ford flattens city councillor

During an extremely heated session of city council in November, Ford knocked over Councillor Pam McConnell as he attempted to get to his brother Doug, who was in a heated argument with members of the public gallery.

2) “I’ve got plenty to eat at home”

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a secret video or a police investigation to unearth a scandal involving Ford. That was that case this past November, when Ford – while in the middle of speaking to reporters about the CFL – took a moment to refute allegations contained in court documents that he had told a staffer he wanted to have oral sex with her, claiming he was happily married and had “more than enough to eat at home.”

1) Ford admits crack use

Finally, after months of denials, Ford dropped a bombshell when he admitted – following a question from Global News’ Jackson Proskow – that yes, in fact he HAD smoked crack cocaine.

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