Preventing water damage in Saskatoon after a heavy snowfall

Click to play video: 'Preventing water damage in Saskatoon after a heavy snowfall'
Preventing water damage in Saskatoon after a heavy snowfall
WATCH: Saskatoon is still recovering from last weekend's storm, but daytime highs above zero are not far away. As Global's Easton Hamm reports, it's important to prepare for the spring melt. – Mar 8, 2024

The snow seems to have settled in Saskatoon with many of the streets in the city having been graded and temperatures set to peek into the positives over the weekend.

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, what can homeowners do to prevent any possible water damage that could come with the snowmelt?

Click to play video: 'Saskatoon snow-clearing timeline shortened as crews plow through'
Saskatoon snow-clearing timeline shortened as crews plow through

The city of Saskatoon lists some ways to help prevent any damage for when the inevitable Spring melt hits, adding that city crews will start defrosting catch basins and clearing gutters when the warmer days hit.

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The city suggests that residents remove snow from around the foundation of their home, especially around window wells.

People should avoid shovelling snow on to streets or lanes as it could block drains.

Snow and ice should be cleared from the bottom of downspouts as that could cause blockage.

The city said if there is an excess of snow on a roof or eavestroughs it might be a good idea to clear it away with a roof rake.

Sandbags and pumps are also suggested if water starts getting near a foundation or in low lying areas.

Click to play video: 'Saskatoon morning weather outlook: Friday, March 8'
Saskatoon morning weather outlook: Friday, March 8

Brennen Mills, partner with Saskatoon Fire and Flood, warned about ice damming, where ice can develop on your roof and block moisture from leaving your roof, potentially causing it to leak into your home.

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“Any preventative maintenance you can do now is going to help in the long run,” Mills said.

He said they haven’t received any calls yet, but said they were ready for when that time comes.

Mills said the number of calls they get can really depend on the kind of winter and melting they see.

He suggested now would be a good time to make sure any sump pumps you have are working.

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