AMT to buy Deux-Montagnes line from CN: report

In the future, this may be the only type of train on the Deux-Montagnes line.

POINTE-CLAIRE – The Montreal Gazette is reporting that CN has agreed to principle to sell its tracks along the Deux-Montagnes line to the island’s suburban rail service, the AMT.

According to Clifford Lincoln, the longtime advocate of the West Island Train, “I’m sure we could triple ridership with proper service.”

Officials are looking at the development as an important step toward improving commuter train service in Montreal’s suburbs. The commuter trains split time with freight, meaning that during off-peak commuter hours, raw materials are taking the place of potential passengers.

“My thought would be if they were to purchase the CN line, and they could give priority to the passenger trains, that would be great,” said Pointe-Claire Mayor Morris Trudeau.

Trudeau’s jurisdiction includes three AMT stations, but on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line. The tracks that line uses are owned by CP. Many in Pointe-Claire are hoping the AMT buys CP out of its own rails.

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“Their main concern is the lack of service- plain and simple,” Trudeau said. “They have so many trains a day going to and from Montreal. And there are huge gaps.”

A CP spokesperson told Global News that there are currently no plans to sell the Vaudreuil-Hudson tracks. The AMT refused to comment on the matter.

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