John Sexsmith
Sports Reporter

John Sexsmith delivers his unique perspective on the world of sports on Global Edmonton.

John was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2012 and took an extended leave between March 2016 and March 2018.  But he is back in action again, both working and, in his words, living with the disease.

John has been an Edmontonian since 1971 and a member of the Global Edmonton (ITV) team since 1997.  He won a national journalist award in 2014.  John graduated from NAIT’s Radio & Television program.  His professional broadcast career began at K-97 radio in 1990.  Along with being the station’s sports director, John was an integral member of K-97 Breakfast Club.

The clever and popular sportscaster says the best thing about his job is the opportunity to tell stories about the people in sports, from all sports and at all levels.

John and his wife are the proud parents of a player in the Western Hockey League.  John built a replica hockey rink for his son inside their home to help him hone his early skills. The labour of love took about two weeks to construct.  John and his family also own a dog.

Coaching is a passion of John’s.  He is a high performance coach with Hockey Alberta and is also a coach facilitator; which means he coaches other coaches.

WATCH: Get to know Global News sports anchor John Sexsmith

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Outside of work, John has many different interests and hobbies.  He enjoys cooking, gardening, collecting records, golf, camping and hiking.  John has volunteered for numerous charity organizations, but has a special place in his heart for Sport Central, an organization that helps less fortunate athletes in Edmonton.

His favourite book is still The Catcher in the Rye and his favourite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life.


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