Colin D’Mello
Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Global News Toronto

Colin D’Mello is one of Ontario’s most prominent political journalists, currently working as the Queen’s Park Bureau Chief at Global News.

He began his career as a radio reporter in Moncton, NB., before returning to Ontario. He helped launch 1310 News in Ottawa and later reported for 680 News in Toronto. In 2011, Colin moved to television broadcasting, beginning a long run at CTV News where he most served as their Queen’s Park Bureau Chief. He also held the role of President of the Queen’s Park Press Gallery, advocating for journalists and helping to manage the relationship between newsrooms in Ontario and the provincial legislature. In April of 2022, he joined Global News.

Colin was born in Kuwait and lived there until 1998, crediting the events of the first Gulf War for shaping his interests in political reporting. He is a graduate of the broadcast journalism program at Seneca College and worked as a guest lecturer at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU).


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