• Manitoba’s top doctor hopes to see increased vaccination numbers
    Dr. Brent Roussin said 18 per cent of Manitobans have rolled up their sleeves for their coronavirus vaccines and 25 per cent have received their flu shots.
    Feb 16
  • Winter storm hits U.S. northeast, closing schools and cancelling flights
    More than 1,000 flights were canceled so far Tuesday morning due to the snowstorm, mostly at the airports in the New York City area and in Boston.
    U.S. News
    Feb 13
  • What’s Disease X? World leaders discuss next possible global health threat
    Disease X, a hypothetical illness with the potential for 20 times more fatalities than the COVID-19 pandemic, will be the focal point of a panel discussion in Davos on Wednesday.
    Jan 16
  • Nearly 10K died from COVID-19 last month: WHO says
    The head of the UN health agency said Wednesday holiday gatherings and the spread of the most prominent variant globally led to increased transmission of COVID-19 last month.
    Jan 11
  • ‘I’m still mad’: Class action OK’d for COVID-19 outbreaks in Quebec LTC homes
    A Quebec judge authorized a class action suit Monday, allowing long-term care residents and their families to seek damages from the province over its initial response to COVID-19.
    Jan 23
  • World could get its 1st trillionaire within a decade, Oxfam predicts
    The world could have its first trillionaire within a decade, anti-poverty organization Oxfam International said Monday in its annual assessment of global inequalities.
    Jan 15
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  • Weddings trend toward smaller, less traditional events in Manitoba
    After years of delays and postponements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions, the industry is finally bouncing back.
    Jan 9
  • Why Canada’s downtown office vacancy rate hit a record high to end 2023
    A managing director at CBRE says remote work is just one of four main contributors to the climbing downtown office vacancy rate across Canada.
    Jan 10
  • COVID-19 still lacks ‘seasonality’ 4 years later, Tam warns
    As cold and flu season unfolds in Canada, a noticeable uptick in COVID-19 cases is also happening across many provinces, most notably in Ontario and Quebec.
    Dec 21, 2023
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  • City of Winnipeg proposes property tax increase in face of financial pressures
    The City of Winnipeg is proposing a 3.5 per cent tax increase to help battle financial pressures yoked to inflation, labour costs, and the aftermath of the pandemic.
    Dec 6, 2023
  • China hasn’t detected ‘novel’ diseases amid reported spike in pneumonia in kids: WHO
    The WHO says it has made an official request to China for information about a potentially worrying spike in respiratory illnesses and clusters of pneumonia in children.
    Nov 23, 2023
  • With respiratory illness season here, Manitoba experts say ‘get that booster shot’
    Professor of disease modelling at York University, said Canadians, including Manitobans, are more vulnerable outbreaks because immunity is running low, and getting lower.
    Nov 15, 2023
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  • Hamilton cardiologist faces criticism over comment about pro-Palestinian protest
    Prominent cardiologist, Dr. Eva Lonn, at McMaster University in Hamilton, is under review by the university after she called for pro-Palestinian rallygoers to be deported.
    Nov 5, 2023
  • Some COVID-19 treatments in U.S. are about to get expensive. Here’s why
    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is setting the price for a five-day treatment of Paxlovid at $1,390, but Americans can still access the pills at no cost -- for now.
    Oct 27, 2023
  • Michael Cohen faces Trump at NY fraud trial, says ex-boss told him to boost assets
    Cohen is a key figure in New York Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit alleging that Trump and his company falsified financial statements that inflated his wealth.
    U.S. News
    Oct 24, 2023
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  • New Zealand elects conservative government in decisive win
    People in New Zealand voted for change after six years of a liberal government led for most of that time by Jacinda Ardern, who resigned earlier this year.
    Oct 14, 2023
  • Manitoba says shipments of COVID and flu shots are being distributed
    Manitoba is gearing up for the season of sniffles and coughs by sending out COVID and seasonal flu shots across the province.
    Oct 6, 2023
  • Not just COVID: Cold, flu may lead to longer symptoms, study finds
    The recent study suggests that there may be longer health impacts associated with other respiratory illnesses besides COVID that have gone unrecognized..
    Oct 6, 2023
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  • COVID-19 hospitalizations triple in Quebec over the past month, health minister says
    Many of those patients are admitted for other reasons and contract the novel coronavirus during their hospital stay, according to Health Minister Christian Dubé.
    Sep 8, 2023
  • Pfizer’s updated COVID vaccine approved by Health Canada
    The vaccine approval coincides with the emergence of two new COVID-19 variants within the country, and experts are warning about continued vigilance in public health measures.
    Sep 28, 2023
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