May 13, 2014 3:36 pm

Lake Manitoba residents keep cautious eye on wall of ice

WATCH: Melting ice is breaking up in large chunks and being pushed towards the shore, threatening dozens of Manitoba lakeside homes. Lauren McNabb reports.

ST. LAURENT, Man. – A wall of ice threatening dozens of homes and cottages along the eastern shores of Lake Manitoba has stopped moving – for now.

Residents said the giant block of ice, almost 10 metres high in some spots, took only 15 minutes to rise Sunday afternoon.

“My wife was out front raking, next thing you know she was shouting for me to come,” said cottage owner Fred Hartmann. “It was piling, piling, piling, then it just stopped.”

While the winds were strong Tuesday, Hartmann said they’re not enough to move the ice any farther.  But he knows there is more ice and wind to come.

“It all depends on the way it blows. When it happens in front of you, you get really concerned.”

The ice is piled highest at an area known as Pioneer Beach, about 90 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.

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