May 10, 2014 9:16 pm

Lumby tries new tactic on flood front after record flooding in 2013

Courtesy: Dave Manson

LUMBY, B.C. — After the worst flooding in more than a decade last year, anxiety is running high in the Village of Lumby.

Waters are rising once again in the region and with a history of flooding to the point of potential economic disaster, residents and the village are preparing for the worst.

This year, they’ve got some help from the province which means many are breathing a sigh of relief, for now.

Dykes funded by the province, which are about a meter higher than the sandbags used in previous years, are already in place. The dykes cost approximately $260,000.

Another concern aside from the flooding is the banks near the streams and creeks.

They are quite slippery and when combined with fast-moving water, they pose a serious risk.

Lumby mayor Kevin Acton says given how much experience residents have had with the flooding in the village over the years.

Acton says he isn’t too worried about residents not knowing how to handle these conditions.

Lumby was hit hard by two major floods in May and June of last year after multiple area creeks spilled their banks.

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