May 3, 2014 6:00 pm

PQ meets for first election post-mortem in Laval

LAVAL – Hot on the heels of Parti Quebecois Director-General Sylvain Tanguay’s resignation late Friday night, the party has come out of hiding for its first electoral post-mortem.

“I think everyone is pretty much disgusted about the way the discussion has evolved,” said PQ member Scott McKay.

Heads are rolling at the Parti Quebecois as they try to figure out what went wrong and who to blame.

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“We didn’t put forward the team,” said former Health Minister Rejean Hebert. “The very strong team that has been in place in Quebec for the last 18 months.”

He insists the PQ needs to reform its message back to basics.

“We are more referendists than sovereigntists over the last decades, so we should come back to the promotion of sovereignty,” said Hebert.

That is exactly what the party is doing at the Sheraton Laval.

About 150 executives, defeated candidates and rank-and-file members attended the closed-door meeting Saturday.

“I’m blaming, yes, the way that politics has evolved in the last years,” said McKay. “It’s a political showdown between the leaders.”

Former Premier and Party Leader Pauline Marois snuck by the media on the way in, but she was all smiles after.

Marois has been out of the public eye since bidding an emotional goodbye to politics in the middle of last month.

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The party remains tight lipped on what went on behind closed doors, but after its stunning defeat in April, the party admits it won’t be easy to get back on its feet.

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