April 30, 2014 12:04 pm

‘Wordle’ helping Bedford Road come up with new logo, team name

Bedford Road students identify values for new logo, team name, now it’s the community’s turn to submit proposals.

Supplied / Saskatoon Public Schools Divisi

SASKATOON – The students have spoken and now Bedford Road Collegiate is turning to the community for assistance in choosing a new logo and team name for the Saskatoon school.

Earlier this month, the Saskatoon public school board voted to change the ‘Redmen’ team name and logo after controversy over the name.

Students then got involved after the decision was made, identifying values they believe represent the school.

Their thoughts were the gathered and placed in a ‘wordle,’ a graphic highlighting the most important themes.

A consultation was then held, which included staff, alumni and members of the community, who added their values to the ones identified by the students and which were also made into a ‘wordle.’

Now the board has issued a call for ideas for the new team name and logo using the values identified in the ‘wordle.’

The deadline for submissions is May 12 and the board expects to have a potential name and logo identified by the end of May.

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