April 29, 2014 7:28 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Errant bullet misses Kelowna girls by inches

KELOWNA — A Kelowna man has his sights set on one of his neighbours after an errant bullet struck his home on Sunday in East Kelowna.

Homeowner, Rex Jardine, says the bullet came within inches of hitting his daughters who were playing with their iPods in the room where the bullet shattered the window.

“If they hadn’t been laying down playing I’m afraid we could have lost one them.”

Judging by the size of the bullet hole, Jardine is convinced it came from a high-powered rifle. Jardine suspects the shooter is one of his neighbours who lives more than a kilometre away. However, that neighbour is not admitting to it — at least not to Jardine. But he has admitted it to the RCMP. errant shot rex

“Through the course of our investigation, it was revealed that an individual from an adjacent property had fired a round,” says Kelowna RCMP spokesman, Kris Clark.

Police say the shooter was firing at a coyote.

It’s illegal to fire a gun within Kelowna city limits with the exception of  farmers trying to get rid of nuisance animals, but they must have permission from the city and must be in consultation with the RCMP. Police say they’re still looking into whether the shooter had done his due diligence.

Permit or not, Jardine says the shooter has yet to offer an apology and admits saying sorry isn’t going to cut it.

“I think that anybody who shoots a high powered rifle into a child’s bedroom needs to go before the courts,” says Jardine.

Police say the person who fired the errant shot is 18 and that he has surrendered all of his guns as the investigation continues.

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