April 26, 2014 12:18 am

Calgary Transit investigates photo of CTrain driver who appears to be reading on the job

Calgary Transit is investigating after a rider took a photo of a Ctrain driver who appeared to be reading while operating a train.

Courtesy: Wendy Walker

CALGARY-  A spokesperson for Calgary Transit says a CTrain driver is being investigated after a rider complained he was reading a book while operating a train.

Wendy Walker says she was riding the train when she got suspicious after it seemed to be moving slower than normal.

While the train was travelling between the Zoo and Max Bell stations, she looked into the driver compartment and  took two pictures of the driver holding what appeared to be a dayplanner in his hand while he looked down reading it.

“We were in full gear,” says Walker.  “So how ever fast that train was supposed to go, that’s how fast he was going when he was down like this reading. If there was something on that track, he wouldn’t be able to see that so he’s endangered people… he’s endangered the people driving on the road… the potential for disaster is huge.”

A spokesperson for Calgary Transit tells Global News its policy is that operators cannot be reading anything when operating a moving bus or CTrain.

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