April 24, 2014 7:06 pm

Saskatchewan wedding budgets loom over national average

Watch above: couples are dishing out big bucks for weddings in Saskatchewan

SASKATOON – It turns out Saskatchewan couples budget nearly twice as much as the national average for their nuptials, according to a recent Bank of Montreal survey.

From catering to candelabras to cocktails, gone are the days of simple chapel nuptials.

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“Back in the day, even a decade ago, you’d get the same floral centrepiece, and they’d be on all the tables, and maybe it would be a few roses,” explained Aviva Zack, co-owner of Bliss Wedding Design in Saskatoon.

“And there was just the three-tier simple cake. And now I think people are wanting unique–they’re willing to spend a bit more money.”

According to the survey, the average Saskatchewan couple budgets about $27,000 for their wedding.

That’s nearly twice the national average of $15,000.

“Weddings have now turned out to be much larger than they used to be, because of the quantity of guests that are coming,” explained Melissa Murray, owner of Penny Lane Wedding Store.

Wedding planners said it’s all about family.

“They’re inviting more extended family…they’re inviting their cousins, and their cousins’ spouses and kids,” Zack explained.

Caitlyn Choquette is getting married this upcoming June. She’s very excited, but ran into some problems with her guest list.

“We just found out that our hall only holds 273 people, so we might be over that,” Choquette explained.

Next comes the honeymoon: the average Saskatchewan couple plans to spend about $19,000 on their getaway, almost four times the national average.

BMO financial planners advise people to begin budgeting for their big day as soon as possible, to eliminate stress and focus on what matters.

According to the survey, 60 per cent of wedding costs will be covered by couples’ investments, and parents are expected to contribute 13 per cent of the budget.

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