April 24, 2014 3:00 pm

Strange activity at Calgary airport includes smuggled tortoises

File/Global News

CALGARY- Canadian border guards have seen a busy start to the year, with some strange incidents at the Calgary International Airport.

Back in January, officers were notified about a teenager in the baggage carousel area who had a small animal in his hand. It turned out he had smuggled two live tortoises back from vacation, without his parents’ knowledge.

The reptiles were seized, and Environment Canada has taken over the case.

Then in February, a NEXUS member who had left the country for a few days returned with six suitcases. She only declared $1,300 in purchases, raising the suspicions of officers.

Investigators determined that the woman had failed to declare more than $8,100 worth of clothing, and was issued a $2,300 fine. Her NEXUS privileges were also revoked.

612,740 travellers entered Canada through the Calgary airport between January and March. 205 people were refused entry.

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