March 4, 2014 5:52 pm

The worst of winter weather may be over for Saskatoon

It appears Saskatoon may have made it through the worst that winter has to offer this season.

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SASKATOON – It appears Saskatoon may have made it through the worst of winter.

Saskatoon has seen 56 days this winter season with wind chill values below minus 30 when the usual is 33.

After the coldest February in about two decades and a winter with temperatures well below seasonal, it is clear that this has been a cold season that many are eager to leave behind.

While snow around the city isn’t quite as impressive as last year, it has mounded up slightly higher than it typically would in the winter months, with around 53 centimetres of snow fallen December through February. Normally Saskatoon sees 49 cm in winter.

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Now that Meteorological Spring has begun with March and the vernal equinox is right around the corner, many people may be wondering when they will get a taste of long-awaited spring.

The answer is looking more hopeful than last year, when snow stuck around into May.

It appears warmer temperatures are right around the corner as weather is expected to exit minus double digits by the weekend and possibly even approach the freezing mark early next week.

Beyond that, long-range forecast models are hinting at a more prolonged warm snap, relative to the short-lived one experienced in February.

In fact, at this point it appears we might be into single digits on the minus and plus side for a large portion of March.

So get ready for some slushy days and slippery mornings with lots of freeze/thaw on local roads.

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