February 5, 2014 3:05 pm

Olympic media, athletes air their #SochiProblems

ABOVE: Watch Global’s Stuart Greer give a tour of the not-quite-finished Winter Olympic media village, and see what happens when a security alarm goes off in his seemingly deserted hotel.

TORONTO – The meme started with #firstworldproblems, then came #whitegirlproblems…and now a strange Russian mixture of both?

#SochiProblems is the hashtag (and @SochiProblems is an account) being used on Twitter to describe the state of affairs in Russia for the Winter Olympics.

Booze, toilets and water that looks like urine figure prominently in the photos—posted largely by journalists—who are giving the world a sneak peek into Vladimir Putin’s paradise.

A Globe and Mail correspondent said there’s no lobby in his hotel:

And his shower isn’t ideal:

But BBC’s Kevin Bishop likes the décor:

Shaun Walker, the Guardian’s Moscow correspondent, also had some problems checking in:

The early morning emergency drill didn’t help either:

But Harry Reekie from CNN was the least impressed with the unfinished rooms:

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Yahoo Sports reporter Dan Wetzel wrote a column on the supplies he was missing (lights, shower curtains and hot water), and even offered to trade resources:

But not for long…

On the bright side, the water gin is pretty cheap!

Might be better to stick to gin than risk the water in some hotels:

Now don’t get confused by the bathroom rules posted by Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant:

Speaking of bathrooms…

Then there were some potential problems outside the hotels, but at least they were under construction.

The creator of the @SochiProblems Twitter account is Toronto journalism student Alexander Broad.

Watch Broad on Global’s The Morning Show on Feb. 11, explaining how the parody account started and what it was like to surpass 340,000 followers:

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