January 9, 2014 3:56 pm

Rare sighting of 3 cougars together on Sunshine Coast beach: Photos

Watch: Roberts Creek resident Greg Carter has lived in his home for more than 6-years and he’s never seen anything like this before! Global News visited Carter on the Sunshine Coast and heard about the incredible sighting.

Greg and Mary Carter have lived in their waterfront home on the Sunshine Coast for about five years, and although they have seen a lot of wildlife, they have never seen three cougars together before.

On the morning of January 2, Greg and Mary were at their home on Flume Beach in Roberts Creek, when they saw three cougars walking along the beach outside their house.

“It was very exciting” says Mary.

“You don’t expect to see a cougar out in the open, let alone on the rocks. They weren’t trying to hide.”

They called conservation officer Dean Miller to come and check it out, but by the time he arrived the animals were gone.

Miller says, judging from the pictures, it appears to be one adult cougar and two siblings. However, the ‘cubs’ are adults and almost fully grown.

Three cougars seen in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Photo credit: Greg Carter

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“Wouldn’t say it’s strange for cougars to be together, but as they are a solitary animal, the only time they are together is when they are a family unit,” he says.

However, Miller adds that as cougars are shy and solitary, it is rare to see one, let alone three.

Mary says they didn’t pay her or Greg any attention and seemed to be in good health.

Miller says in his opinion, the cougars appear a little thin. “This could be because of seasonal low food energy and that could explain why the cougars kind of chose, you know, more open pathways such as beaches and developed trails,” he says.

“But typically they aren’t seen by the public, either in a group or individual.”

He says usually cougars are not any more dangerous as a group. He says for anyone who comes into contact with a cougar, stay calm, pick up any small pets or children, and make yourselves appear larger.

“Make yourself as big as possible and never never turn your back on a cougar.”

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