Global National: May 25

The Atlantic hurricane season is on the horizon, and meteorologists warn it's looking unusually unpredictable. The factors contributing to the uncertain forecast. As Alberta's energy industry looks to reduce emissions, the city of Cold Lake is emerging as Canada's first clean energy boom town. How it's potentially a prime location for exponential economic growth. Special rapporteur David Johnston is slated to testify before a parliamentary committee on June 6 to explain why he ruled out holding a public inquiry into alleged foreign interference in Canadian elections. The chorus of Canadians rejecting Johnston's decision. The surge in demand for artificial intelligence (AI) is driving semiconductor company Nvidia towards a market value of $1 trillion USD, which would put it in an elite club with companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet. The growing demand for AI, why not everyone is thrilled about it, and how the technology is now being used in the war against superbugs. In 2011, Gert-Jan Oskam was left paralyzed from a devastating motorcycling accident. But electronic implants in the 40-year-old Dutch man's brain and spinal cord have changed all that. How the technology allowed him to walk again, and the hope it could potentially give more people some of the control and mobility they thought they had lost forever.