Global National: March 20

Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Moscow, getting some face time with his friend Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the powerful pair pledges to deepen their "no limits" partnership. What that might mean, the reaction to this meeting of authoritarian leaders, and how at least one foreign policy expert isn't ready to write the whole thing off. Extreme weather is becoming increasingly common all over the planet, and the United Nations has delivered a final warning that humanity must fast-track its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the irreversible effects of climate change. The science from the UN's report, and where it offers some hope. Former U.S. president Donald Trump says he's expecting to be arrested soon in a criminal case involving hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, and he's rallied his supporters to protest in his defence. The security fears of what may happen if Trump is arrested, and what procedures would take place if he is charged. And while the NHL has been drawing praise for its efforts to be more inclusive by holding Pride Nights, some players and teams have refused to participate in the events. How hockey has changed, and how in some ways, it has not.