Global National: Dec. 5

The Alberta government has seized 10 properties in Calgary owned by Andrei Ovsyankin, a bankrupt Russian multi-millionaire, with the proceeds destined for Gazprombank, a Russian bank Canada has sanctioned due to the war in Ukraine. How this case exposes the complexity of enforcing sanctions. An investigation by Statewatch, a non-profit organization, has found Canadian-made parts in Iranian drones used by Russia to attack Ukraine, despite a plethora of export sanctions and trade restrictions meant to prevent this. The findings, and the reaction from both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Tallysman Wireless, the Ottawa-based manufacturer of the parts. As China faces accusations it interfered in Canada's 2019 federal election, Trudeau is facing mounting questions about why his government isn't being more transparent about the threat. Also, the status of Iran's morality police as public pressure against the regime grows. Why experts say the force isn't really disappearing. Plus, grocery prices are set to soar in 2023. By how much, and when food inflation could finally cool. And remembering Sesame Street's Bob McGrath: he didn't just impart life lessons on generations of children. We look at the beloved entertainer's legacy with Canadian charities.