Global National: September 29

A massive cleanup and rescue effort is underway throughout Florida after Hurricane Ian carved a path of destruction. Jackson Proskow reports from Sarasota on the catastrophic damage and the struggles of residents and first responders. Plus, we'll look at where Ian is headed now, as it regains strength and becomes a hurricane again. As the people of Channel-Port aux Basque, N.L. start trying to rebuild their lives, some residents have mixed feelings about staying in the seaside town. It's hard to keep calm and carry on in the United Kingdom, where new Prime Minister Liz Truss is being blamed for the economy going into a tailspin. How Truss is defending her fiscal decisions during this crisis. And the power of Pow Wow: how a B.C. man named Peter "Not So" White is harnessing the power of his Indigenous heritage to overcome trauma and illness, and help others.