April 16 2020 5:04pm

Coronavirus outbreak: Toronto implements the province’s order to limit work to single long-term care home

Mayor of Toronto John Tory announced on Thursday that the city began to implement the provincial emergency order limiting work to a single long-term care home, which strengthens actions the city itself took last month.
Since mid-March, staff at long-term care centres were asked to choose the city as their primary employer in order for the city to be able to limit work locations and minimize the exposure to COVID-19.
The city has offered additional hours up to full-time hours to part-time staff to assist staff in their decision making.
Starting today, workers in the city’s 10 long-term care homes will have to sign a declaration confirming their decision regarding a single-employer.
Those unable to commit to the city will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence of the length of the emergency order and their positions will remain secure.

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