Health care workers exhausted

Increased COVID-19 hospitalizations have left health care workers exhausted. And it's not just those working in the ICU - but contact tracers who are simply trying to keep people safe. Brittany Greenslade reports.

Front-line workers prepare for stress of second wave of COVID-19

Nova Scotia health-care professionals say now is the time for a conversation about mental health and burnout. As Elizabeth McSheffrey reports, these workers know what to expect but that doesn't mean they're feeling less stress as the second COVID-19 outbreak intensifies.

Health care workers feel abandoned by policy, the public

Health care workers had stressful jobs well before the COVID-19 pandemic. But the burden they're shouldering is only growing, and the virus isn't disappearing. As Heather Yourex-West explains, many workers are starting to feel abandoned by both the government and the public.

Health Matters: High Fives for Health Care

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation President & CEO Angela Chapman explains how the charity has shifted focus during COVID-19 and why a special broadcast on Global BC this weekend will help support the work of the foundation.

Alberta health-care support workers stage wildcat strike Monday

Health-care workers walked off the job to hold a wildcat strike at several locations across Alberta Monday morning, to "defend their jobs and the public health-care system that keeps Albertans safe and alive," according to the AUPE. Lisa MacGregor shares the latest from Edmonton's Royal Alexandra Hospital on the noon news.
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Alberta health-care workers walk off job to protest cuts during pandemic

Hospital and other health-care workers represented by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees walked off the job Monday to protest recent cuts by the provincial government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lisa MacGregor reports live from the Royal Alexandra Hospital with the latest.

Coronavirus: Toronto’s top doctor worried health-care system could become overwhelmed

Toronto Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa on Friday voiced her concern for the city's rising number of COVID-19 cases following Ontario Premier Doug Ford's announcement that the city, along with Peel Region, would enter a lockdown starting next Monday. "This is not what I want to see," the city's top doctor said, stating her worry that hospitals could become overwhelmed if the pandemic isn't under control.
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AUPE on why Alberta health-care support workers are striking

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees president Guy Smith explains why front-line hospital workers walked off the job at several locations across Alberta Monday morning and what they want the province and Alberta Health Services to do in order to end the strike.
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Coronavirus: Ontario to add 13 additional Health Teams across the province

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Wednesday that the province would be investing to support 13 additional Ontario Health Teams across the province, bringing the total to 42. Ford said the teams would provide patients with “24/7 care coordination” to help navigate the health care system.

Coronavirus: Freeland ‘really confident’ Canada’s health-care system can handle COVID-19 vaccinations

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland responded to questions regarding the delivery of a potential COVID-19 vaccine with news that the U.S. and the U.K. could start vaccinating months earlier than Canada by saying the country has a robust portfolio of vaccine candidates, and has orders of purchasing in place, adding that she is “really confident” in the Canadian universal health-care system to deliver vaccines to all Canadians.
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