Senator Doug Black reflects on Bill C-48

The Honourable Doug Black joins Dallas Flexhaug live from Ottawa to discuss the legislation to formalize a moratorium on oil tanker traffic in northern B.C. waters.

Pipeline capacity at heart of C-69, C-48 debate

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is firing back, after several premiers claimed Bills C-69 and C-48 would tear apart the country if they became law. The leaders insist the legislation would make it nearly impossible to build new oil and gas pipelines in Canada. As David Akin explains, the heart of the issue is whether the country needs more pipelines.

‘Canada has become the laughing stock of the energy world’ says Indigenous activist

Three indigenous organizations whose communities are impacted by the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act met with the federal government on Tuesday. Calvin Helin of the Tsimshian First Nation said that the options he proposed included shelving Bill C-48 or creating a certain transit route. He said,"Canada has become the laughing stock of the energy world" following the legislation that has been put into effect.

What is mastitis?

According to the Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation, mastitis is an infection that usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers.