13 Week Medpoint Challenge – Stubbs 10k Race Training!


The hypnotic rhythm of sneakers hitting the pavement, the feel of a cool morning breeze on your face, the neighbours’  dog breaking loose from his chain again…there’s nothing like the rush of a good run!

Even in you’re in good shape, are strong and lean…training for a distance run is the ultimate fitness and endurance challenge that will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

AM980’s Mike Stubbs wants to run a local 10k race this spring and has taken the 13-Week Medpoint Challenge to help him achieve his goal. He will be trained for 13 weeks by the professional trainers and nutritionists at Medpoint Fitness. The workout will be customized and strategic to focus on everything he will need to do to train his body to run a 10k race.

13 Week Medpoint Challenge– Mike Stubbs 10k Race Training will include:

  • –3 hour comprehensive medical
  • –custom made nutrition plan plus before photos
  • –follow up testing
  • –12 weeks of personal training
  • –bod pod analysis
  • –doctor supervised medical integration

Check out the results and track Mike’s progress as he gets closer to the race!


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