Children’s Fund Apply For Funds

CHML Children’s Fund Application Form

We are now accepting online donation application forms.  We recognize that the need in our community is great and expect that the demands for funding will surpass our budgetary resources.  We will do our best to prioritize applications based on basic essential needs related to food and shelter.  Not all applications will be funded, despite their merit.

To apply for funds, please copy and paste the form below and e-mail the completed form to


Entry Date:




Charity Number:
(Charities required a registered Charity Number to apply)


Phone Number:

Will the funding be used solely for children?

How many children will the funding help?

Dollar amount being sought:

Time period funding will be utilized:

Is the program seasonal/annual?:

Description of program/service being provided:

Have you received funding from the Children’s Fund in the past?:

If you answered yes to the question above…when?

How did you hear about the Children’s Fund?

Are there opportunities within your organization to raise awareness of the Children’s Fund?:

How else can CHML, Energy 95.3 and Y108 help your organization?:

If you are requesting funds for $10,000 or more please answer the following questions:

  1. a) Who it will benefit
  2. b) Design of the project
  3. c) Outcomes expected.

A brief overview of your budget, income sources, and expenses for this project.