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Children’s Fund Apply For Funds

To apply for funds, please copy and paste the form below and e-mail the completed form to 

The Children’s Fund Board meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

All requests to be submitted for the Calendar Year (2019).

Entry Date:




Charity Number:
(Charities required a registered Charity Number to apply)


Phone Number:

Will the funding be used solely for children?

How many children will the funding help?

Dollar amount being sought:

Time period funding will be utilized:

Is the program seasonal/annual?:

Description of program/service being provided:

Have you received funding from the Children’s Fund in the past?:

If you answered yes to the question above…when?

How did you hear about the Children’s Fund?

Are there opportunities within your organization to raise awareness of the Children’s Fund?:

How else can CHML, Energy 95.3 and Y108 help your organization?:

If you are requesting funds for $10,000 or more please answer the following questions:

a) Who it will benefit

b) Design of the project

c) Outcomes expected.

A brief overview of your budget, income sources, and expenses for this project.