Promises made on key issues in the 2023 Manitoba election

Crime and justice

Progressive Conservative
  • More funding for more police officers in downtown, as well as more money for treatment spaces and the RAAM clinics.
  • Additional million dollars annually for the Winnipeg Police Service’s property crime unit.
  • $5 million for an arena redevelopment in Brandon, one million to combat street racing in Winnipeg, by installing cameras in areas of the city where it’s a problem, and three million for a fund to help businesses affected by vandalism and petty crime.
New Democratic
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  • Five-point plan to get tougher on crime: includes improved bail measures, being harder on drug dealers, a security rebate program for homes and businesses, hiring 100 mental health workers to work with police, and housing and mental health supports.
  • Reduce youth crime by developing a comprehensive public safety strategy that brings together law enforcement, community safety patrols, educators, advocates and families.
  • Provide supports to keep Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirited Peoples safe and help MMIWG2S+ families navigate the justice system.
  • Help municipalities pay for policing by ensuring municipalities have adequate funding going forward for police budgets.
  • Replace the Dauphin jail Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson closed with a new Centre for Justice.
  • Boost funding for community safety organizations such as Bear Clan and create non-police mental health and addictions crisis teams.


Poverty and affordability

Progressive Conservative
  • Cut in half, over four years, the rate applied to the bottom personal income-tax bracket, which could save the average person earning $50,000 in annual income $1,900 per year when fully implemented in 2028.
  • Remove the federally imposed carbon price on the natural gas portion of hydro bills within 10 days of being re-elected.
  • Phase out the province’s payroll tax for businesses over eight years. The tax charges employers a percentage of their total annual payroll except for those with payrolls below $2 million a year, which are exempt.
  • Eliminate the land transfer tax for first-time homebuyers, potentially saving them roughly $5,700 for the average home.
  • Give senior homeowners, regardless of their income, the ability to defer some or all of their property taxes until they sell their homes.
  • Introduce a $500 tax credit for people who use mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Increase the provincial income tax rebate on the first $200 given to a registered charity to 20 per cent from 10.8 per cent. Rebate contribution amounts above $200 would jump to 25 per cent from 17.4 per cent.
  • Permanently cut in half rental fees for agricultural Crown lands and triple funding for adviser service districts.
  • Remove the provincial sales tax on the purchase of trees and flowers.
  • Balance the budget within the next term.
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New Democratic
  • Temporarily suspend the provincial fuel tax until inflationsubsides.
  • Freeze hydroelectric rates for one year.
  • More government contract work for bidders and workers in theprovince.
  • Balance the budget within the next term.
  • Fully fund the conversion of 5,000 homes throughout the province to geothermal energy, reducing monthly energy bills for homeowners by 20 to 50 per cent.
  • Ban surge pricing to save money on Hydro bills.
  • Offer a broad middle-class tax cut.
  • Restore funding to International Student Health Coverage, which the PCs cut.
  • Bring in stronger rent control.
  • Increase the Renters Tax Credit by $700.
  • Create 10,000 new Manitoba Jobs for Manitobans and stop the exodus of workers leaving Manitoba.
  • Bring in real $10/day childcare for all kids under 12 including holidays and the summer months with more flexible hours so women and parents can go back to work.
  • Stop the PCs interference in MPI and put the interests of ratepayers first.
  • Bring in a Ministerial approval process to ensure better oversight over affordable
    non-profit housing.
  • Invest in upkeep and maintenance of Manitoba Housing properties.
  •  Establish a minimum income for people over 60 and people withdisabilities.
  • Set up a provincial business development bank so businessescould access capital more easily.
  • Eliminate the top 80 per cent of education property tax rebatesthe government issues annually while continuing the rebates to thebottom 20 per cent of properties.
  • Provide stable funding for education and create a$300-million-a-year fund to pay for climate change initiatives.
  • Providing grants of up to $15,000 to seniors to retrofit their homes to enhance accessibility.
  • Improving provincial settlement services and taking away some of the financial barriers for those looking to permanently live in Manitoba.



Progressive Conservative
  • Put millions toward recruiting health-care workers.
  • Spend $120 million over the next four years to meet present staffing needs and fill positions at new facilities.
  • Provide up to $10 million for the Quest Health Recovery centre in downtown Winnipeg.
  • Pharmacists are able to treat common conditions such as strep throat, pink eye, and tick bites.
New Democratic
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  • Open four new family medical centres in Winnipeg and one inBrandon that would be staffed with a team of emergency room doctors,nurses and technologists.
  • Reopen the emergency room departments at the Victoria General,Concordia and Seven Oak General hospitals that were turned intourgent care centres in 2017.
  • Build a new emergency room at the Eriksdale hospital in theInterlake region. The emergency department temporarily shut downlast year due to staffing shortages but has since reopened withlimited hours.
  • Help existing medical clinics expand to offer a range ofmedical services including mental-health workers, social workers andpharmacists.
  • Hire 600 more nurses and end mandatory overtime for all nurses.
  • Launch the biggest health recruitment campaign in Manitoba’s history.
  • Open five Neighbourhood Minor Illness and Injury Clinics
  • Expand Bannatyne campus to train more doctors
  • Introduce rapid accreditation for Internationally Educated Nurses and cut red tape.
  • Increase surgical capacity at the Concordia and Grace Hospital.
  • Build a new CancerCare headquarters at HSC.
  • Restore dignity to seniors care with more hours of care for seniors in PCHs.
  • Make prescription birth control free for all Manitobans.
  • Reopen the Mature Women’s Centre and expand coverage for more menopause drugs.
  • Increase wages for disability support workers so Manitobans with disabilities can get the best care from people who know them best.
  • Create a new centre of excellence for cardiac care at St. Boniface Hospital.
  • Expand the Bannatyne campus to train more doctors and nurses.
  • Increase team-based care and address the family doctor shortage.
  • Increase the Healthy Child Prenatal benefit.
  • Protect reproductive rights and improve access to abortion services.
  • Modernize health records and work toward the elimination of paper cards and fax machines in health care.
  • More doctors in rural communities by restoring and doubling the rural
    doctor recruitment fund, short waits for ambulances by hiring more paramedics
    and better cell service, more staff to keep rural health centres open, health
    technology to connect families with specialists, and more PCH beds in rural Manitoba.
  • Reverse the PC cuts to Northern patient transportation, hire more Northern staff and offer competitve incentives, introduce financial incentives to bring more doctors to Northern communities, and invest in health technology to connect families with specialists.
  • Build a second gym at Kelvin High School in Winnipeg, with a new field and rubberized track facilities.
  • More funding for French education in Manitoba, and French-language services in the province, specifically health care.
  • Allocate bonus pay of between $5,000 and $10,000 for allfront-line health-care workers.
  • Expand homecare and palliative care programs, and restore coverage of some drugs.
  • Restoring the lifesaving drugs program, including diabetes drugs and devices – pumps, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and CPAP machines.


Child poverty

Progressive Conservative


New Democratic
  • Universal school nutrition program.
  • Give K-12 schools stable, predictable funding to set kids up for success.
  • Work with school divisions to meet the needs of students in every community.
  • Reduce class sizes for the youngest learners so kids get more one-on-one attention.
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  • Return an estimated $338 million in federal child benefits thatthe Manitoba government clawed backed from Indigenous children inthe care of child and family services.


Addictions and mental health

Progressive Conservative
  • In a more preventative model, the party doesn’t believe in forcing addicts into treatment without consent.
  • Fund more treatment spaces across the province for people living with addictions.
  • $5 million to support programs helping first responders with PTSD.
New Democratic
  • Will launch a provincial strategy to ensure sexual assault care is available with the hiring of more nurses and capital improvements to support the SANE program at HSC.
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  • Medicare coverage for people who need to access mental health services.


Housing and homelessness

Progressive Conservative
  •  More money for a planned housing development that helps homeless military veterans.
  • grant $250,000 for efficiency upgrades to make the project more sustainable.
  • Expand the provincial Military Envoy office with an additional $1 million, so that it can help veterans access federal and provincial services.
New Democratic
  • Lift the provincial sales tax from the construction of new rental units.
  • End chronic homelessness in two terms by connecting people with housing and mental health supports.
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  • Same-day housing to ensure no one is sleeping in Manitoba parks or bus shelter by 2025.