Science World set to switch iconic dome lights back on Thursday night

Click to play video: 'Vancouver’s Science World to be lit up once again'
Vancouver’s Science World to be lit up once again
WATCH: After months in the dark, the lights at Science World will be turned on again, and they'll be bigger and brighter than ever. Various upgrades and a new lighting system were installed on the attraction's geodesic dome after receiving $10-million in funding from the federal government – Aug 9, 2023

One of Vancouver’s most iconic landmarks is set to once again illuminate the skyline on Thursday, with a flashy new upgrade.

The pinpoint lights wrapping the exterior of Science World have been dark for months as part of a suite of ongoing building upgrades.

The newly-updated lighting system will have 651 LED lights, three times as many as before the building went dark. The new lights are also cutting-edge LED technology, intended to make the display more energy efficient.

Click to play video: 'Money earmarked for Science World renovations'
Money earmarked for Science World renovations

The building upgrades were possible largely due to a $10-million cash infusion from the federal government last October and $20 million in provincial funding announced in April.

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“We know many have been eagerly waiting for Science World’s dome to illuminate the night sky once again,” Science World president and CEO Tracy Redies said in a media release.

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“This funding, coupled with recent support received from the Provincial Government, will help towards our ongoing renewal of the dome so Science World can continue to inspire the next generation of wonder seekers, critical thinkers and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Math) talent.”

Science World’s distinctive 17-storey geodesic dome was constructed as the signature building for Expo 86, and was originally intended to be a temporary structure.

Click to play video: 'Canadian government pledges $10 million to Science World'
Canadian government pledges $10 million to Science World

The building was saved by the creation of a non-profit organization that still occupies and operates Science World today — however its initial temporary design has left it badly in need of renovations and upgrades.

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Starting Thursday, that dome will once again be illuminated from dusk until dawn daily.

“Changing the lights on one of the largest geodesic domes in the world is no small feat,” Redies said.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated team and contractors for their unwavering commitment and effort to ensure our dome once again sparkles with brilliance.”

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