Downtown Vancouver protesters demand action on residency status 

Click to play video: 'Migrant workers allege mistreatment, appalling conditions amid pandemic'
Migrant workers allege mistreatment, appalling conditions amid pandemic
WATCH: Some temporary foreign workers, who are vital to many industries in Canada, say they're sick and tired of putting up with appalling living and working conditions. Mike Le Couteur reports on the troubling signs migrant workers aren't being taken care of properly amid the COVID-19 pandemic – Jun 8, 2020

Protesters in downtown Vancouver said they’re growing frustrated at delays regarding securing permanent resident status for undocumented people.

These protesters said undocumented people have been shut out of schools, denied health care, separated from their families, and face detention and deportation

Julie Diesta, one of the organizers, said the federal government needs to step up and help migrant workers attain resident status.

Click to play video: 'New Brunswick seafood foreign workers faced awful conditions during COVID-19: study'
New Brunswick seafood foreign workers faced awful conditions during COVID-19: study

“We call on status for all, all migrant workers, all refugees who are already here and those coming here in the future,” she told Global News.

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“I was so frustrated and angry. I have been working on this issue since I arrived here as a domestic worker in 1991. Not enough is happening.”

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She said there are as many as half a million people without official standing in Canada.

Protesters said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a promise 550 days ago to come up with a way for migrant workers to attain resident status.

It’s been the third consecutive legislative session that ended since Trudeau’s December 2021 promise to ensure permanent resident status for all migrants and refugees, including undocumented people, without any action.

Global News has reached out to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for comment.

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