Aggressive individual with hatchet boards train, threatens passengers: Calgary police

The Lions Park CTrain station is pictured on March 22, 2023. Calgary Police Services said in a tweet that the CTrain heading eastbound from eighth street is closed due to an investigation. Global News

Passengers on Calgary’s LRT were confronted Tuesday afternoon by an individual who boarded a train at Martindale LRT station and threatened them with a hatchet, police say.

At around 1 p.m. Tuesday an individual with a heavy coat got on a train at the Martindale LRT station, police say.

Calgary police said the person became aggressive, pulled out a hatchet, and started swinging it at passengers while threatening them.

Police confirm there were no injuries but the window between the driver and the train was broken.

Passengers were able to leave the train but the individual continued to threaten people at the station.

A person driving by noticed the commotion, called 911, and attempted to subdue the individual until police could arrive.

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Police arrested the individual with the hatchet, who was taken to hospital.

The person with the hatchet is facing charges.

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