Metro Vancouver gas prices expected to surpass $2.00 on Friday: expert

Click to play video: 'Rising gas prices in Metro Vancouver could impact consumer goods'
Rising gas prices in Metro Vancouver could impact consumer goods
WATCH: The price of gas is - once again - set to top $2.00 a litre in Metro Vancouver - and it's not stopping there. And as Janet Brown reports, the price at the pump could spread to just about everything else we buy – Jun 8, 2023

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver are expected to reach the highest price since November 2022 on Friday.

Gas expert and Canadians for Affordable Energy president, Dan McTeague, said prices could reach as high as 204.9 cents per litre before the weekend.

“This is a price we haven’t paid since Nov. 10, 2022 — it has been over six months,” he told Global News.

He said a gas shortage and an increase in gas demand are contributing to the wallet-crunching numbers.

“The weekly petroleum report done by the United States Department of Energy showed that demand has surged dramatically,” McTeague said.

“It caught a lot of investors off guard. In the Pacific-Northwest market, it was affected by what looks like surging demand and very few suppliers.”

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Click to play video: 'Life will be more expensive in B.C. starting April 1'
Life will be more expensive in B.C. starting April 1

According to a GasBuddy map of Metro Vancouver, most gas stations are hovering between 193 and 198 cents per litre on Thursday around noon.

A map of gas station prices around Vancouver as of 12 p.m. Thursday. GasBuddy

Prices are expected to rise by at least seven cents on Friday, something B.C. drivers are not happy about.

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“It’s making me crazy, that is why I am filling up right now,” said Alma Beebe.

“Two dollars is too much — my god, I cannot afford two dollars. That is why I am scared to retire.”

Rising gas prices are just another mandatory expense for some British Columbians. A driver at the pump on Thursday said gas, groceries and other day-to-day expenses are making it tough for his family.

“Everything is too expensive. We don’t have any extra money to go out and go to restaurants,” Supinder Augla said.

“We can’t save any money.”

Click to play video: 'Gas prices set to top $2 per litre in Metro Vancouver'
Gas prices set to top $2 per litre in Metro Vancouver

For B.C. drivers considering heading south of the border to fill up, experts said it’s worth it. Drivers can save up to 32 to 42 cents Canadian per litre in Bellingham or Blaine in Washington.

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According to experts, over the next few months, gas prices in B.C. could reach up to $2.20 a litre.

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