5 songs you must hear this week: 29 May 2023

With Alan Cross. Corus Radio

The recorded music industry is firmly focused on summer now (although we’re already talking about albums that won’t be out until September). Here are a few tracks you might soon hear blaring from car stereos.

1. Greta Van Fleet, Sacred the Thread
Starcatcher (Lava/Republic)
Recommended If You Like: Led Zeppelin, obviously

I don’t have any problem with Greta Van Fleet riffing on the lessons of Led Zeppelin and other 70s acts to bring these sounds to a new generation. Even the intro of this song—a very reasonable facsimile of the Bonzo beat of When the Levee Breaks—sounds both familiar and fresh at the same time. The echo-y vocals would also sound very much at home in 1974.


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2. Bring Me the Horizon, LosT
Post Humans series
RIYL: Botched brain surgery (you’ll see what I mean)

First, that’s how we’re supposed to capitalize the name of this song. BMH started on a four-part series of EPs in 2020 (Post Human: Survival Horror was the first.) This is the third single from the second installment (Die4U and Strangers came first). According to frontman Oli Sykes, the band has about 45 songs ready for the third and four bits. When will they be out? It could be a while because the band is so backlogged with other commitments. If you’re in Ontario, the band plays the Budweiser Stage on July 30.


3. Kenny Hoopla, You Needed a Hit//
Single (Arista)
RIYL: Extra forward slashes in song titles.

This song (again with some weird typographic stylization) has been sitting in Kenny’s vault since last summer when he started putting together material for his next project. in LA. “It always felt like the perfect song to start a rollout with, so here we are! More music is on the way also.” It’s a fast blast of rock that’s over in 120 seconds. Fun fact: Name another alt-rocker from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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4. Snarls, Take a Walk in the Woods
Burst (Take This to Heart Records)
RIYL: Patience

This song is nearly three years old, but certain things (i.e. a global pandemic) got in the way. The track—produced by Chris Walla (known for his work with Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan and Sara) wouldn’t sound out of place coming out of the alt-rock scene c.1994 with its chiming guitars and dream-pop vocals. Very summery, this.


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5. Damon Locks and Rob Mazurek, Yes!
New Future City Radio (International Anthem Recording)
RIYL: Something truly different

Chicago natives Locks and Mazurek have been working together since the late 90s on a variety of projects. I don’t even know where to begin with this track. It’s totally freeform in its construction yet somehow organized into a 135 package of tension. The rest of the album (due July 28) features 18 tracks that work like a 40-minute mixtape. It may take a little time for the penny to drop, but I found myself being hypnotized by it.

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