Money shot: Dildo man’s ‘dickie berg’ photos drive the internet wild

Ken Pretty of Dildo, Nfld., captured photos of what's now being called the "Dickie berg.". Ken Pretty / Facebook

Leave it to a guy from Dildo, Nfld., to go viral over a massive, phallic-shaped iceberg.

Ken Pretty is the man to credit for the worldwide interest in what’s being called the “dickie berg” — a 30-foot tall iceberg that bears a strong resemblance to a certain part of the male anatomy.

Pretty, a 56-year-old power engineer, was out shooting drone video and photos of the sights and sounds of Harbour Grace in Conception Bay (yes, really) last Thursday when he spotted a small iceberg off-shore.

While the shape of the iceberg wasn’t apparent from where he was filming, reviewing back the drone footage revealed the money shot.

“People don’t believe it’s real. They think it’s photoshopped and all that,” Pretty told The Guardian. “I can tell you — it’s real.

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Pretty uploaded pictures of the dickie berg — a play on the Newfoundland euphemism “dickie bird,” referring to a penis — where it spawned worldwide interest.

While jokes about the dickie berg aren’t exactly elevated, one might say the internet has really risen to the occasion.

“Dildo man’s photo of a Newfoundland iceberg will be hard to beat this tourist season,” reads a headline from SaltWire.

“That’s some hard ice. Talk about Northern exposure,” joked one commenter on Pretty’s post.

“Well we’ll know whose (sic) to blame if a bunch of baby icebergs start popping up in the Atlantic,” wrote another.

Newfoundland’s Quidi Vidi Brewery even got in on the action.

Sadly, the fun is now slightly deflated, with several locals reporting that the tip of the dickie berg has fallen off in the springtime melt.

That said, the memory of the dickie berg is sure to stand tall in people’s minds for years to come. Some may say it’s the best (iceberg) Newfoundland’s ever had.


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