Homeless Calgarian struck in a hit and run and left for dead

Click to play video: 'Family hopes to find driver who hit their son, left him for dead'
Family hopes to find driver who hit their son, left him for dead
WATCH: A mother and father are making a desperate plea to the driver who hit their son and left him to die on the street. As Jayme Doll reports, the Calgarian has struggled most of his life and is now facing another test of survival. – Apr 21, 2023

Words to the serenity prayer are inked into the side of Chad Munroe’s shoulder, a large cross spans across his forearm.

“It’s a survivors cross, I got it after my first bout of cancer,” said the 40-year-old, stretching out his one good arm from under his hospital gown.

His tattoo is evidence of his undying hope amidst a life that has teetered too many times on the brink of death. Munroe has survived two cancer diagnoses, opioid addiction and homelessness. His journey has taken him to some very low points, but he said nothing was as dark as the moment he woke up in the middle of a cold Calgary street after being struck by a vehicle and left for dead.

“The last thing I remember is seeing the cross walk light. I looked both ways, there was no vehicle and I went to go, and that’s the last thing I remember,” he said, now two weeks later, still in his hospital bed.

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Munroe said a passerby called 911.

“Over 40 bones, two organs, my ear drum is punctured, my top of my lung is punctured, every other rib is broke, my one arm and two of my legs are broken … I still don’t know if I will be able to walk again,” he said, doing a connect the dots of his injuries across his body with is one untouched arm.

“A lot of pain, it’s brutal,” he said “I don’t know how someone can run someone over like that and then just drive away, just knowing you had a human being under your vehicle and knowing that person is probably not going to be OK— to leave him there to die is not right.”

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Calgary Police Service is investigating the hit and run that happened in the community of Dover in the early morning hours of April 8th.

Despite Munroe’s challenges over the years, his parents have not wavered in their support and continue hope for their son. They stand close to his hospital bed, eyes swollen with tears.

“He’s our son, we are fighters,” said Darlene Munroe.

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The family is now fighting to find out who is responsible for nearly claiming Chad’s life.

“I want to see the person caught. Who does that?: hit somebody and just leaves them there. It’s unthinkable,” said Darlene, who had just seen her son the day before he woke up, unable to move in the street.

“He means everything (to me). He’s had more lives than a cat. It’s always hard,” she said. “I just want him to get back to himself and get out of here and move forward with his life.”

Unconditional love in it’s rawest form is not lost on Chad who bravely smiles up at his parents.

“They are amazing, I love them,” his voice cracks. “They are my reason, they are my reason,” he said as tears welled in his brown eyes. “They are always in my corner. I’m very grateful for them.”

Munroe often questions how he is still here after so many close calls but is grateful to be alive today. He’s determined now more than ever to not take it for granted and forge a different path ahead.

“I am just sick of this thing, running around doing the same thing expecting different results — it’s not working,” he said.  “I’m not going back out there, it’s time to change … it’s time to live, I’m sick of dying.”


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