Edmonton ranked best Canadian city to live in during a zombie apocalypse

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HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ boosts Alberta’s tourism, economy
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Using Statistics Canada data in five categories — vulnerability, hideouts, supplies, safety and mobility — Rentola determined the best place to be if people started turning into zombies.

The rental home search engine ranked each city based on its score in each of the five categories.

Edmonton came out on top with a total score of 7.96. Saskatoon was second, with an overall score of 7.95 and Guelph, Ont., was third at 7.00.

Rentola ranks the best Canadian cities to live in during a zombie apocalypse. courtesy: Rentola

Vulnerability included indicators like population density, perceived physical and mental health and visits/tourism to the area.

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Hideouts considered average household size, parks and green space and housing vacancy rates.

Supplies looked at stats around food, fuel, tools and weapons — are there barrels, cisterns, gardens, trees and shops?

Safety examined the crime rate per 100,000 population, total firearms, total weapons violations, specialized stores and military bases.

Mobility considered transport options — walking, jogging, running, hiking, bicycling and also built-up areas like roads, natural and semi-natural water, and moveable dwellings.

Edmonton earned a score of 10 in both hideouts and mobility. Its vulnerability score was 7.04, and it got 6.33 for supplies and 6.44 for safety.

The worst city for surviving a zombie apocalypse was determined to be Saint John, N.B. Its overall score was a lowly 3.18, but it scored particularly poorly in the hideouts and safety categories (1.0).

Click to play video: 'Local showcase in upcoming HBO show ‘The Last of Us’'
Local showcase in upcoming HBO show ‘The Last of Us’

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