Calgary bobcat injured in leg-hold trap moving to a new facility

Click to play video: 'Calgary injured bobcat moving to new facility'
Calgary injured bobcat moving to new facility
WATCH: A Calgary bobcat caught in a leg-hold trap had four toes amputated due to her injuries. As Jayme Doll reports, biologists are now going to monitor how well she is able to hunt. – Mar 16, 2023

A Calgary bobcat Lake Chaparral residents lovingly call Bobbi is being moved to Cochrane following two months of treatment at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Bobbi suffered serious injuries to her paw and teeth after getting caught in a leg-hold trap for at least two weeks in mid- January.

The bobcat underwent three surgeries and had four toes amputated on her left paw, but her dewclaw remains.

“She’s doing wonderful,” said biologist Malenie Whalen, Director of wildlife care and services at CWRC. “She’s healing well from the surgeries and I think she’s ready to go.”

“She’s going to the Cochrane Ecological Institute. They have a 4-acre enclosure that we’ll be able to put her in and monitor her, and see if she can be release to the wild,” said Whalen  “If not, she’ll have to be placed into a facility.”

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Whalen said there are at least three documented bobcats living in the Calgary area with the use of three legs who are doing quite well.

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Bobbi is somewhat of a celebrity on her home turf of Lake Chaparral. She has her own Facebook page dedicated to Bobbi sightings.

Click to play video: 'Calgary bobcat with trapped paw rescued'
Calgary bobcat with trapped paw rescued

When the cat was hurt there was an outcry from residents. Her absence is being felt in the neighborhood in more ways than one.

“Many have commented about all the mice,” said Trevor Pinkster. “Our little predator that’s been keeping some of the vermin under control is not here.”

Bobbi fans are just all grateful she’s still alive.

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“It’s terrible what happened,” said George Gordon. “I don’t know if it was on purpose or an accident, could have been on purpose.

“Bottom line I’m happy the cat is going to be fine.”

According to CWRC, the bobcat’s healthcare bills reached $11,000. The centre said $4,000 was covered by donations, primarily made by Lake Chaparral residents. The non-profit had to take the rest from its own budget.

It’s still not known who set the leg-hold trap — they are illegal within city limits.

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