Thomas Mulcair: It’s time for Rob Ford to resign

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has added his voice to the growing chorus of people calling for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to resign.

“This crosses the line,” Mulcair told reporters Thursday in reference to a newly-released video which features the mayor making obscene remarks and death threats.

“Rob Ford has to do the right thing for Toronto, and for himself. Rob Ford has to resign, and he has to go get help.”

The video, recorded on an angle apparently from a cell phone, shows the mayor in a shirt and tie, slapping his legs, pacing and shouting about an unidentified person.

“When he’s dead, I’ll make sure that motherf—er… I need f—ing 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead.”

The context of the video is unknown and the mayor wouldn’t clarify except to say he was “very, very inebriated.”

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A clip was first posted by the Toronto Sun but the Toronto Star posted the full 77- second video a short time later.

The Star article says the paper paid for the video but doesn’t disclose how much.

In the video, the mayor can be seen wearing a shirt and tie, pacing, gesticulating and shouting violently.

“I’m going to kill that f—king guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder,” he says.

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