SaskTel warns of lewd scam targeting 306 area code

Click to play video: 'Protecting yourself from online frauds and scams'
Protecting yourself from online frauds and scams
Greg Jacobs from SaskTel tells us more about random, unsolicited and lewd texts being sent to phones – Mar 6, 2023

SaskTel is warning those using the (306) area code about scam messages being sent to their cellphones.

Adult-themed messages are targeting the area code and are trying to lure victims into clicking on links within the text.

The scammers are usually working internationally or through different servers, making the perpetrator hard to pinpoint.

SaskTel corporate communications manager Greg Jacobs explained one of two things would happen if a victim were to click on a scam link.

“Either you are going to be sent to a website where it will ask you to put in some type of personal information, whether it will be financial or other information that they could use to access online accounts, or they will try to upload malicious software to your device so they can collect information in the background,” Jacobs said.

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The best thing, he said, is to just ignore any such message. People should report it to the police if they do fall victim.

Jacobs recommends adding a few extra layers of protection to devices to be safe.

“Make sure you’re always updating the software on your devices whenever those come up,” said Jacobs. “You also want to initiate multi-factor identification on your important online accounts like your bank account.”

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