Majority of British Columbians reject notion of bringing back COVID restrictions: poll

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Majority of British Columbians don’t want pandemic restrictions to return: poll
Most British Columbians are done with pandemic restrictions but still think the virus poses a risk, according to a new poll. Legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey has more on the survey by Research Co – Feb 22, 2023

More than three-in-five people in British Columbia are against bringing back pandemic restrictions, according to an online poll.

A Research Co. poll, which surveyed 800 people, found that 62 per cent of those that participated said that society is now “in a different moment” and that there is no need for additional public health measures related to COVID-19.

Almost one-in-five British Columbians (18 per cent) said they want to have stricter health measures in place right now to prevent transmission in communities, while nine per cent of participants said they believe COVID-19 is a hoax.

The survey was also broken down by region with Metro Vancouver having the highest “appetite for a return to stricter regulations” (20 per cent), followed by Vancouver Island (19 per cent), Southern B.C. (15 per cent), the Fraser Valley (13 per cent) and Northern B.C. (11 per cent).

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Participants were asked if they believe COVID-19 is “a real threat.” According to the poll, 69 per cent think it is, which is 12 per cent lower than a previous poll done in March 2021.

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The survey also asked British Columbians how they feel the pandemic was handled by their family members, government and media.

Around 80 per cent said they were satisfied with how their families handled the pandemic, while about 70 per cent were satisfied with how their friends managed as well.

“Majorities of British Columbians are satisfied with the way municipal governments (56 per cent) and the provincial government in Victoria (55 per cent) have managed the pandemic,” Research Co. staff said.

“The rating is lower for the federal government in Ottawa (49 per cent), the Official Opposition in Ottawa (36 per cent) and the official opposition in Victoria (35 per cent).”

Perception of television media coverage was almost split down the middle, according to the poll.

Slightly more than half of respondents believed television news coverage was satisfactory (52 per cent), while radio (48 per cent) and newspapers (48 per cent) were a little lower.

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“British Columbians, who would like to see stricter guidelines to deal with the pandemic, are more likely to be satisfied with the performance of news organizations on television (69 per cent), radio (66 per cent) and print (62 per cent),” said Mario Canseco, president of Research Co.

“Those who consider COVID-19 a hoax provide significantly lower marks.”

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