Edmonton residents frustrated over seasonal parking ban, fines

A parking ticket sits on the windshield of a truck after it failed to move during a Phase 2 parking ban. Global News/Sarah Komadina

Edmonton residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with seasonal parking bans — and the subsequent fines — after the city rolled out the second phase of bans.

Kirkness neighbourhood resident Greg Taillon woke up Sunday morning to find a $250 ticket on his windshield after not moving his truck during a Phase 2 parking ban, which went into effect Jan. 24 in order to allow space for snow removal.

“I was running to Canadian Tire and I found a ticket in my window and, looking around, there were several other tickets in other peoples’ windows,” he said.

Taillon wasn’t the only one in the neighbourhood to find a dreaded flap of paper tucked under his wipers.

Security cameras at Steve Chatelaine’s house show footage of an officer writing him a ticket around 10:20 p.m. Saturday.

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“It’s just an easy cash grab,” he said.

The residents say whenever a parking ban is put in place, they wait for signage in their neighbourhood. But this time those signs were never put up. And no one moved their vehicles.

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“We have been here for 40 years and they have always clearly indicated when there was snow removal and we have always, very carefully, moved our cars and made sure they could get through,” said Dave Evanishen, who also lives in the neighbourhood.

“It’s just frustrating. It’s just very frustrating.”

According to the city’s website, residents should “look for parking ban signage in your neighbourhood, sign up for notifications and follow the city’s social media channels to learn when a parking ban is in effect.”

Ward pihesiwin Coun. Tim Cartmell says there is signage on main artery roads stating there’s a Phase 2 parking ban, and he reiterated the city’s statement that people can sign up for email or text notifications to know when to move their cars.

Click to play video: 'Westmount residents complain about lack of warning before receiving parking ban tickets'
Westmount residents complain about lack of warning before receiving parking ban tickets

“I think the city has tried and given enough warning and enough notification that crews will be plowing residential neighbourhoods and you ought to move your car,” he said.

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“The city shifted to the larger signs, radio (and) television advertisements, and I think the biggest change was a shift to direct notification,” added fellow councilor Andrew Knack.

Last year, council voted to be stricter with enforcement and upped ticket fines from $100 to $250.

“I think we are so used to not receiving a penalty for staying on the street,” said Chatelaine. “That change is going to be tough.”

Despite the city’s efforts, he believes he and his neighbours wouldn’t have gotten a ticket if the signs were put up like they were years prior.

“What’s wrong with putting placards at the front? There’s a lot of seniors that don’t even look at the internet and it’s not expensive — they probably spent more money writing these tickets than it would have taken to put the placards out.”

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