November 5 – MacMillan Estate Planning

MacMillan Estate Planning
Family Estate Planning. MacMillan Estate Planning

Is your will up to date? Are your retirement savings protected? Is there a tax hike on the horizon? Did you know there is an easier way to plan your estate? Planning to leave the family cottage to the children?

MacMillan Estate Planning invites you to join them for an upcoming event hosted by their estate planning experts. Please note that all events are now taking place virtually until further notice.

If you wish to learn more about safeguarding your estate, please join us at one of the upcoming estate planning seminars. Discuss the core elements of estate and business planning vital to a proactively planned estate, focusing on protecting your estate’s value and benefit from the ‘silver linings’ the current market presents.

To join MacMillan Estate Planning for their next complimentary virtual seminar, call 1-833-266-6464 or visit


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