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Victor and Nikki


From the early days of The Young and the Restless, Victor Newman has been a symbol of power in Genoa City. An orphaned child from a poor family, Victor overcame many obstacles to become a shrewd and successful businessman with an unstoppable work ethic and a cunning intellect. Although he often resorts to "ruthless" tactics in order to satiate his need to conquer, Victor always wins when it comes to business. When it comes to affairs of the heart, however, Victor’s track record is not so perfect.

Victor is the consummate womanizer and has been a part of many relationships over the years. Nonetheless, his heart belongs to one woman alone, the stunning Nikki Reed. Doug Austin introduced the two when Nikki was a stripper at the Bayou in 1981. Victor was instantly smitten with the young dancer and took it upon himself to become part of her life. He encouraged her to pursue an education and to explore her love for piano. Despite his feelings for the young girl, he supported her relationship with eligible bachelor Kevin Bancroft, whom she later married. Unbeknownst to Kevin, Nikki was pregnant with Victor’s child (Victoria) from their one night of passion. Kevin and Nikki eventually divorced allowing Victor and Nikki to pursue their feelings for one another.

In an interesting turn of events, gangster Rick Daros kidnapped Nikki. Victor came to her rescue but was wounded by a harpoon in the process; he proposed to Nikki from his hospital bed and she proudly accepted. The couple married on April 13, 1984 in an extravagant wedding that one could only expect from millionaire Victor Newman. The beaming bride was showcased in a hand-made gown complete with a 10 foot train adorned with 20,000 beads and pearls. Although the marriage didn’t last, the opulent wedding will live forever in the hearts and minds of Y&R fans.

Despite true love and good intention, the relationship between Victor and Nikki has always been troubled by poor timing and miscommunication. Three years after they took their vows, Nikki and Victor split, having affairs with Jack and Ashley Abbott respectively. At the first sign of Nikki’s terminal illness, however, Victor returned to support and love her. Nikki hid the news of her remission in order to hold on to her marriage, but the truth surfaced and Victor soon divorced.

Nikki, alone and devastated, gave birth to Victor’s second child, Nicholas and attempted to move on with her life. She entered a rocky relationship with Jack Abbott and became pregnant with his child. During that time, she fell off a horse and miscarried her pregnancy. She hurt her back in the fall and became addicted to alcohol and pain medication. Throughout the whole ordeal, there was always a place in her heart for Victor Newman.

Both Victor and Nikki went on with their separate relationships, unable to express their true feelings for one another. Victor got involved with Hope Adams and while Nikki started a relationship with Brad Carlton. The couple were finally reunited when Victor was shot by Mari Jo Mason. When Nikki learned of the shooting, she immediately called off her marriage to Brad and rushed to be at Victor’s side. The two almost reconciled but Victor rushed off to Kansas to console Hope who’s husband Cliff had just died in a car accident. Again miscommunication drove the two apart. Victor married Diane Jenkins and Nikki married Dr. Joshua Landers.

Josh’s ex-wife found, who was presumed dead, entered the picture and tried to win her lover back from Nikki. In the process, she killed Josh and shot Nikki four times. The sight of Nikki on her deathbed rekindled Victor’s love and he quickly divorced his current wife, Diane Jenkins to remarry Nikki in the hospital. Much to Nikki’s dismay, Victor’s ‘quick divorce’ from Diane was declared illegal and their marriage was voided.

Victor finally divorced Diane legally and, although not married to Nikki, the couple continued their relationship. Diane, however, is never too far away. Most recently the couple have reentered hard times. Unsure of Victor’s fidelity, the insecure Nikki resumed her affair with Brad Carlton. In addition, Ashley has come back to Genoa City. Victor has moved out of the Newman ranch and Nikki suspects he is seeing Diane.

A strong Y&R couple, Victor and Nikki have survived years of miscommunication, hardship, and separation. Just as one can be certain that they will continue to have their problems as a couple, it is also certain that they forever will share the bond of love.

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