Ultimate Disc players in Sask. start New Year on the field with tournament

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Starting the year on the field.
People from all around Saskatchewan started their first day of the year on the field. The Ultimate Disc-Sport Society hosted their annual tournament to start off the season. – Jan 1, 2023

The Saskatoon Ultimate Disc-Sport Society hosts an ultimate frisbee event every January 1.

“Saskatoon has a really good scene of Ultimate and we love playing,” says Anna-Lise Hodgins, Saskatoon Ultimate Disc-Sport Society General Manager.

Hodgins says there are two ways to play the sport, indoors or outside.

For the first game of the year, they played inside the Sasktel Soccer Centre.

Hodgins says the rules inside can be different due to the size of the pitch, but the focus of the game is the same.

“It’s a game of keep it up, and keep possession, so you would pass the frisbee forward, to the side, backward just to keep possession because you can’t run with the frisbee,” says Hodgins.

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One player has been playing for over 10 years.

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Sean Fortosky played for Team Canada back in 2015.

He says he enjoys playing locally and being around all levels of expertise.

“It’s always nice to see faces outside your local community and get to know some of the other people playing the sport in other communities, too,” says Sean Fortosky, Ultimate Frisbee player.

This year, six different teams competed in a new year tournament from all over Saskatchewan.

Fortosky says it’s a great way to meet new people.

“All the teams get together, there’s a lot of comradery team to team, so even though we’re playing against each other on the field, there’s a lot of spirited play and after every game everybody goes up and hangs together which is kind of nice,” says Hodgins.

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