Alberta consumer demands refund citing defective, ‘unsafe’ couch

Click to play video: 'Alberta man battles popular furniture retailer over defective couch'
Alberta man battles popular furniture retailer over defective couch
WATCH: An Alberta man is demanding a refund from popular furniture retailer Ashley Furniture after he said he was sold a defective and unsafe couch. Tomasia DaSilva has some advice on how consumers can protect themselves – Dec 21, 2022

An Airdrie consumer is demanding his money back from Ashley HomeStore, which he said sold him a defective and “unsafe” couch.

Tyler Bennett purchased the $2,500 sectional from the popular furniture retailer more than four months ago and said since then, he has had nothing but issues.

“It’s a brand new couch — or supposed to be,” he said. “At the back of the couch, it was breaking apart.”

Photo of couch delivered to Tyler Bennett
Photo of couch delivered to Tyler Bennett. Courtesy: Tyler Bennett

Bennett contacted Ashley Furniture/HomeStore, which sent a technician out to fix the issues. It also took the couch back to the shop — twice.

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Bennett said nothing worked.

The one remaining problem he’s especially concerned about — the lack of support on the back.

“The back piece, it’s flexing or bowed,” he pointed out. “But that part should be strong.”

Global News reached out to Ashley HomeStore but did not receive a response to Bennett’s complaints from either the store itself or the company’s headquarters.

However, Bennett shared some screenshots of live chats he had with a member of the company’s customer service team.

The representative told him regarding the shaky back “No one should be putting weight on the back portion of the item.”

When Bennett questioned the noise the sofa was still making, he was told; “The plate is attached and there’s noise but noise alone is not warrantable. There have been a number of technicians review this and your item is within manufacturer standards.”

“They pretty much just washed their hands and it’s not their problem anymore,” he said.

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How to avoid issues

The Better Business Bureau told Global News — in general — buyers should be aware of what they’re getting into right from the start.

“It really comes back to what the buyer/seller agreement is at the time of purchase,” BBB’s Mary O’Sullivan-Andersen said.

“If you’re ordering a product, you want to ask what the shipment time looks like for you to be able to receive the product. What the warranty is like and what the repair conditions are as part of the contract.”

But, O’Sullivan-Andersen said retailers/sellers also have a responsibility.

“For a business, if you’re selling in any buyer/seller type of relationship, you want to make sure you’re practicing upfront communication and transparency both in your advertising and in your business practices,” she added.

The BBB said lately problems have also arisen from supply-chain issues, so it may not be anyone’s fault. But if a consumer feels it is the retailer’s fault, they can contact the BBB to intervene.

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Bennett said he just wants Ashley to make it right and give him his money back.

“I’m looking for a full refund from Ashley Furniture,” he said. “It’s not like everyone has $2,500 in their bank account, you know.”

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