Evacuation called off as chemical plant fire in Quebec deemed non-threat

GRANBY, Que. – Residents will be allowed to spend the night in their homes after an explosion and fire at a chemical plant prompted air quality concerns in Granby, Quebec.

Firefighters said tests concluded the air was non-toxic and an evacuation plan was scrapped after an explosion at Aldex Chemicals plant left a dark cloud of smoke lingering over southeastern Quebec.

Firefighters were called to the plant around 5 p.m. in a Granby industrial park, about 80 kilometres east of Montreal.

There were people in the plant at the time of the explosion, but no one was injured, police say.

Authorities cordoned off the area and evacuated 300 homes and businesses.

The smell of the smoke was noticeable from several kilometres away.

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By late evening the blaze was contained.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

Aldex manufactures resins that are used in a number of industries, including drilling and water treatment.

Aldex Chemical has been operating for 34 years and employs 18 people.

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