Guelph driver charged after repeatedly rear-ending vehicle at drive-thru: police

Guelph Police Services headquarters. Matt Carty / Global Guelph

A Guelph, Ont., man was charged in an apparent road rage incident at a drive-thru.

Guelph Police Service was called to a restaurant on Wellington Street West at Imperial Road South in Guelph on Nov. 29.

Investigators say a Cambridge man in a BMW was hit from behind by a cargo van.

They say the driver of the BMW got out of his vehicle and confronted the man in the van.

Investigators say the driver of the van was seen laughing as he continued to ram the BMW.

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They say the van followed the BMW as it was pulling out of the drive-thru and struck the vehicle again before driving off.

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Investigators say there was about $2,500 in damage to the BMW as a result.

They were able to locate the driver of the van and a 37-year-old was arrested and charged.

He will appear in a Guelph court Jan. 24.

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