Tuesday, October 29, 2013 on The Morning Show

CHRIS HADFIELD – The former Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station joins The Morning Show to talk about his new book, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.” Hadfield offers some insight into his life after his successful stint in the Canadian Space Agency.

CHRIS JERICHO – The former WWE wrestler talks about his new web series called “But I’m Chris Jericho!”. The television star has dabbled in acting, music and is expected to release a new book due out next year.

GUANTANAMO BAY – Toronto Star national security reporter Michelle Shephard joins us in-studio to talk about the extended pre-trials of five alleged 9/11 plotters in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. You can read more on her report Justice on Trial: Inside Guantanamo’s Divisive 9/11 Prosecution through the Star’s weekly ebook subscription program. Toronto Show Only

HEALTHY HALLOWEEN – Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy returns to show us some healthy alternatives to Halloween candy.  Joy also provides parents with a few strategies for surviving the spooky night out. Toronto Show Only

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JULY TALK – The Canadian indie rock band joins The Morning Show to talk about their new single “Guns & Ammunition.” The band was formed a year ago and released their self-titled debut in October 2012. They have gained a reputation as being very high energy and magnetic in their live performances. Toronto Show Only

WORLD’S FASTEST OMELETTE MAKER – October is World Egg Month and Howard Helmer is in town for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which kicks off in Toronto this weekend. In 2006, Helmer became the Guinness Record Book’s world’s fastest omelette flipper. Toronto Show Only

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL – Writer and director George Reinblatt discusses the popular musical which makes its return to Toronto. The story follows a group of college kids who find themselves trapped in a cabin with a host of demons. The musical was adapted from the 1980s horror franchise. Toronto Show Only

VIRAL VIDEOS – A baby cries to her mother’s sweet voice and snowboarding with LED lights.

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